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Christmas Presentation This year’s presentation was “On Our Way To Bethlehem” which is a Christmas Musical that tells about the Journey taken by Mary, Joseph and the donkey, the animals and the three Kings then and now. The story unfolds through beautiful music and narration. Our 23 youth at St. Paul Lutheran Church did a wonderful job exclaiming the Good News of the birth of our Savior in a manger and stable at the Inn. Click Here to see Pictures from our 2018 Youth Christmas Performance Trunk-or-Treat 2018 This year our Trunk or Treat was a huge success at St. Paul Lutheran Church. We had over 250 children and families attend throughout our community. We met new neighbors and were able to welcome families to fun and fellowship. Once again, the event was planned, decorated, worked and funded by our St. Paul Lutheran Girl Scout Troops and other local Troops. These girls and our LYO or older youth provided a wonderful experience full of fun, crafts, stories, games, facepainting, food and fellowship for all who entered St. Paul Lutheran Church. I am grateful and so very thankful for the combination of efforts between Girl Scouts and our youth group to make this possible for all families in our community. Click Here to see Pictures from our 2018 Trunk-or-Treat
Back to Top Back to Top Back to Top Back to Top We invite youth of all ages to our youth programs.  CCC - Cool to be a Christian Club is a group of youth for ages Preschool - 5th grade.  LYO- Lutheran Youth Organization is a group for youth ages 6th-12th grade.  CCC & LYO meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:30pm.  Dinner is at 6:00pm. Youth and families enjoy a meal and fellowship. The youth pack backpacks  for a local backpack program and enjoy lessons, games, activities of the weekly liturgy and  prepare to share the Good News with others.   Our youth program provides exciting learning experiences for children throughout the community during  the summer through VBS program and in the fall for a Trunk or Treat! Come and share the  word, Love and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ! We would love to have you- Big or small- all  adults and children are welcome! St Paul Youth     The year 2020 sounds so new, fresh, and ex-citing. Opportunities await all of us this New Year. As we feel the presence of our Lord and Savior this Epiphany, we should help one an-other in call. If there is a ministry or service our youth can jump in and help with, please let us know. We are called to love and help one an-other. The Kickoff for CCC and LYO was our traditional pizza and game night. Older youth packed backpacks and prepared bags in sets of 32 for the remainder of the year. Fun and fellowship are always a nice way to begin the year. The youth enjoy just simply being together. The youth ventured to the Ronald McDonald House to prepare spaghetti, garlic bread, salad and brownies for the 9 families currently staying at the house. Our youth toured the facility and learned of all the wonderful opportunities the house provides for these families in need. As we toured, we learned about all the rooms in the house, the supplies needed to run the house and all the volunteers who help make the house a success. We also got to speak to 3 different mothers. Two of the moms had been at the house since August. We got to listen to their stories and miracles. One mom had deliv-ered at 22 weeks and her baby boy was 1 pound and 2 ounces. He now is almost 8 pounds and his preparing to go home for the first time in just a few weeks. We also met a little girl who got a cochlear implant. She was able to hear for the first time. She stays at the house and works with a team from Cabell to help her with beginning sounds, speech devel-opment and functionality of her implant. The Ronald McDonald House provides shelter, food and comfort for these families. One of the paintings of children playing with Ronald McDonald is dedicated to Joyce Conzett, an amazing giving and loving volunteer. Joyce was also a member of St. Paul Lutheran church. The youth learned of the gifts and time she shared and that she was a true blessing. Our children learned no matter what their size, they can help others. The families smelled spaghetti and garlic bread and brownies and were so delighted by the smells of home. Some-times these smells and foods can be comforting for those far from home. We will continue to serve at the Ronald McDonald House and help others in our community. The youth will continue to collect pop   tabs for the house. The Girl Scouts of St. Paul also delivered individual snacks to Ronald McDonald House, Hospice and the Hospitality House. It is amaz-ing how a simple snack can lift the spirit or paint a smile. We will continue to pray, listen and serve as God provides opportunities. We will listen to and answer the call . If an opportunity comes knocking, please let us know if the youth can help. We invite anyone to join us on Wednesday evenings at 6pm. Come share the Good News with us and fellowship and fun. May God’s Blessings be with you! Your Loving Sister in Christ, Jill May